One of the newest and most effective ways to train your dog out of unwanted behavioural habits, is with a remote dog training collar.   From basic obedience and around the house issues to unwanted behaviour when hunting or mustering cattle, a training collar is becoming the go to method.  As remote training collars for dogs have become more popular, good manufacturers have begun making collars for all types of dogs and different situations.  However there are a few basic guidelines that everyone should consider.  What do you need to keep in mind before choosing the right collar for you?


When we discuss range we are talking about the distance between you and the dog when you may need to activate the button to correct your dog.  If you are a hunter you may need a collar with a range of up to a mile.  If you are in the park with your pet, you may only need a short range collar of a few hundred yards.  Also consider if your dog could get out of line of sight.  This can happen very quickly as some dogs can really motor! Cheap collars will lose range quickly if your dog disappears into thick wooded areas or over a hill.  Always go for a little more range than you think you will need and stick to good brands like Dogtra, Sportdog and E-collar Technologies as they will have the most reliable signal strength and won’t let you down.


If you have a working dog then you need a dog training collar system that is tough and durable. Again stick to the proven brands.  Some dogs can really knock these collars around in working conditions.  Also consider if you require your collars and remote to be waterproof.  Most good systems will at least offer waterproof collars in case your dog decides to jump in the river or the dam.

Correction Strength

There is no point using a dog training collar made for a small pet dog, on your mastiff hunting dog!  He will more than likely ignore it.  If you have a working breed dog then we recommend using a remote collar system that has stubborn dog capability.  Quality brands like the ones mentioned earlier will indicate the type of dog the training collar system is best suited to.  It is very important when first using a dog training collar to start on lower levels and work up till you find the level required to stop the unwanted dog behaviour.

Things like collar size (to suit your dogs size), rechargeable or battery replaceable and ease of use should also be factored in before choosing the right dog training collar.  These things are more personal choice but should be considered.

In conclusion a remote dog training collar is a great way to train out unwanted behaviour.  It’s important to write down what you think you need in a collar so you know what to look for and can compare different collars based on your needs.  Always choose a quality brand as you want your collar to last.  Many folks often only have one behaviour in mind to fix, like getting a strong recall.  Soon they realise they can fix dog jumping and pulling on the lead when walking, just to name a few.  So get the right dog training collar once only and avoid replacing a cheap piece of junk in the future.